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110mm Vagina Pump: Enhanced Sensual Massage Experience

✦ Complete Set for Intimate Wellness - Elevate your sensual experiences with this comprehensive Vagina Pump set. Designed for women, it serves as a powerful tool for breast massage and nipple stimulation, enhancing sensitivity and pleasure.

✦ Two Sizes for Custom Fit - Available in two sizes (110x45mm and 130x50mm), this pump offers a comfortable fit for different body types. Choose the size that best suits your needs for an optimized and enjoyable experience.

✦ Discreet and Respectful Packaging - Your privacy matters. We ship this product in discreet packaging labeled as "Cake mould" to ensure confidentiality. Shop with confidence, knowing that your privacy is our top priority.

✦ High-Quality Materials for Safe Use - Constructed from ABS, TPR, and PVC, this manual pump is durable and safe. Its medical-grade materials are odorless, non-toxic, and designed for intimate use, prioritizing your health and safety.

✦ Versatile and Effective Design - The Vacuum Breast Massage Pump is available in two styles, both manual, allowing for personalized control and comfort. Its design closely fits the contours of your breasts and vagina, providing a natural and pleasurable sensation.

✦ User-Friendly Instructions - For optimal use, lubricate the cylinder and the intended area. Slowly work the pump to create a gentle suction, and use the safety release valve as needed. The pump enables you to find a comfortable level of pressure, enhancing your experience.

✦ Sensory Enhancement - Designed to mimic the sensations of oral stimulation, this pump provides a unique and pleasurable experience. It's perfect for exploring new dimensions of pleasure and enhancing your sexual well-being.


Product Details:

  • Material: ABS, TPR, PVC
  • Models: A Style (130x50mm), B Style (110x45mm)
  • Function: Manual Vacuum Breast and Clitoris Pump


Discover a new level of sensual pleasure and massage with the 110mm Vagina Pump – where comfort meets excitement in your journey to sexual wellness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Melvina Hane

The product arrived very well protected all intact just need to check its use.

Keven Bernier

use it one love the feeling

Isabell Gottlieb


Malika Hauck

it works great the only problem was it was a little small for my girl she has a beautiful 🐫 toe and didn't fit her well

Alfredo Mills