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All Through & Pressable Electric Masturbator: The Pinnacle of Male Pleasure

✦ Dual Motor Delight - Experience the ultimate satisfaction with dual motor coverage, ensuring comprehensive and intense stimulation. This advanced feature elevates the standard of male pleasure to new heights.

✦ Versatile Vibration Modes - Indulge in a spectrum of sensations with 10 vibration modes. Each setting offers a unique experience, allowing you to explore and find your perfect match for unparalleled pleasure.

✦ Customizable Tightness - Tailor your experience with the innovative tightness adjustment system. This feature enhances your control and enjoyment, allowing for a personalized fit and sensation that caters to your every desire.

✦ Enhanced Control for Lasting Enjoyment - Improve your ejaculatory control with this thoughtfully designed masturbator. It's not just a tool for pleasure but also a means to enhance your endurance and performance.

✦ Ultra-Soft and Safe Material - Crafted with extra-soft TPE, it provides a realistic and comfortable experience. This high-quality material is safe for the skin, adding a layer of comfort to your intimate moments.

✦ Fully Waterproof for Versatile Use - Enjoy your moments of bliss without any limits. Being 100% waterproof, it's perfect for adventurous play in various settings, including the shower, offering easy cleaning and maintenance.

✦ Convenient Magnetic Charging - Power up effortlessly with magnetic charging. This feature adds to the ease of use and ensures your device is always ready for action, whenever the mood strikes.


Elevate your personal experiences with the All Through & Pressable Electric Masturbator – where innovation meets intimate pleasure, designed for the modern man.

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Alysha Hahn

Good product came in two days. Fits well feels good. Very easy to clean. Would recommend.

Cydney Daugherty

It is easy to clean, but the feeling is that the inner silicone wrinkles are weak, as if the hole is better? One of the reasons is that the end is pierced. The vibration is strong. It is recommended if you must use a lubricant and enjoy using it in the shower! If not, just one new feeling (for vibration).

Jessica Carter


Price Lockman

Made very high quality, beautiful box, good cable included. The toy itself is funny, the material is excellent, it vibrates quite perceptibly. Very easy to wash. In general, it is quite possible to recommend) the delivery is very fast. The seller is extremely attentive and responsible.

Issac Fritsch

The product is great. I ordered others with vibration earlier and broke down after 1 week or a couple of months. This is already a week and works perfectly, you can wash under water. There are different modes of vibration, for every taste so to speak.