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New Mini Sucker Clitoris Vibrator: Compact Power, Maximum Pleasure

✦ Intense Clitoral Stimulation - Unveil the secret to blissful pleasure with this mini sucker clitoris vibrator. Designed specifically for women, it offers targeted stimulation for the clitoris and nipples, ensuring a deeply satisfying experience.

✦ Versatile and Multi-Use - More than just a clitoral stimulator, this versatile device doubles as an effective nipple massager. Its compact design allows for precise and enjoyable stimulation in all your sensitive areas.

✦ Discreet and Waterproof - Crafted for pleasure anytime, anywhere, this waterproof sex toy invites exploration beyond the bedroom. Use it in the bath or shower for a steamy experience, and enjoy the ease of cleaning it offers.

✦ Portable and Travel-Friendly - Compact and lightweight, this vibrator is the perfect travel companion, ensuring discreet pleasure on-the-go. Its small size makes it easy to store and carry, offering unparalleled convenience.

✦ Safe and Comfortable Use - Prioritizing your safety and comfort, this sex toy is made from high-quality, waterproof materials. It provides a smooth, hygienic, and enjoyable experience, making every moment count.


Indulge in the art of pleasure with the New Mini Sucker Clitoris Vibrator – your ticket to a world of intense, discreet, and watery adventures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Hudson Purdy

Two minutes.

There is no charging hole.? If the charging pin is stabbed, is it waterproof?
Then, why don't you charge the magnet?

Mozelle Feeney

I liked it, it's not too big, the power is good.

Jeffery Glover

Arrival on date.

Lesley Abshire

Very pleasant product, the different speeds are there and are very different. Very happy with my purchase

Clemens Becker

As the description, received in 12 days.