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Strike a Spark
Strike a Spark
Strike a Spark

Strike a Spark

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New Design Magic Wand Training Whip for Exhilarating Sex Play

✦ Premium Craftsmanship for Enhanced Sensations - Step into a world of sensual discovery with this new design magic wand training whip. Made from high-quality PU leather, it's durable and designed to add a thrilling dimension to your sex play.

✦ Versatile and Sensory-Enriching - Perfect for those who enjoy the art of domination and role-play, this whip is an essential tool. Use it to gently caress and tease your lover, eliciting intense feelings of desire. The delicate touch of the leather straps against the skin produces a unique blend of pleasure and anticipation.

✦ Boosts Libido and Enhances Pleasure - Not just a tool for fantasy, this whip can actively increase female libido, enhance sexual pleasure, and even improve reaction speed. It's designed to stimulate the endocrine system, offering both physical and emotional benefits.

✦ Ideal for Strength and Reflex Training - This whip isn't just for pleasure; it also serves as an effective means of enhancing body strength and reflexes, adding an extra layer of excitement to your erotic encounters.

✦ Available in Multiple Colors - Catering to personal preferences, this sexy whip comes in three appealing colors: red, black, and pink. Choose the one that best suits your style or adds to the aesthetic of your role-playing scenarios.


Embark on a journey of domination, pleasure, and fantasy with our New Design Magic Wand Training Whip – where quality meets desire, perfect for adventurous couples seeking to spice up their sex play.

Customer Reviews

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Elaina Macejkovic

Not yet used but in line with the description

Sandrine Wunsch


Edison Hodkiewicz


Maegan Ullrich

An article of good quality in terms of its manufacture and materials, arrived in good condition.

Ally Carter

Quality is low. More like a child's toy. Thin dermantine. Length 46 cm.